Dulux Colour Of The Year 2017 – Denim Drift

Dulux Colour Of The Year 2017 – Denim Drift

Dulux’s colour of the year 2017 is Denim Drift, a blue stone, soothing and super versatile shade that works with a spectrum of gorgeous, nature inspired blues.

have given us a palette of colours to pair this shade with for a fresh twist.

Pair Denim Drift with darker shades of blue to make a room feel more dramatic but not too overpowering. Add classic or antique accessories for a heritage look.

For something softer use it with lavender purples and muted taupe that are calming and make light and shade of a room, in this case use simple accessories and natural materials like woven baskets rough ceramics.

Denim drift is about bringing nature back into our homes so surrounded it in your home with the  colours of nature with earthy tones, bottle and mint greens with browns and hints of romantic rose pinks and floral purples for a bolder look.

Dip-Dye Effect

Use Denim-Drift’s wide range of blue hues by adding ombre/dip-dyed look. Use on walls or your bed linen, with the darker tones at the bottom, working your way up with lighter tones at the top. This look creates an illusion of space but also has a timeless, effortless appeal.

Dark Depth

For a darker moodier look in a living room or bedroom, contrast the light, muted shades of grey-blue with rich deep, dark moody blues to add depth. Dark blue is a calming, restful colour if you pick the right shade. Site / lie back and relax.

Blend your Blues

You don’t have to go all out. You can mix blues together in a corner of a room such as your favourite nook or reading corner. Mix fabrics and textiles to add depth and blend shades. A blue velvet lounge armchair is a perfect timeless addition.

Sunset Style

As a contrast colour with Denim Drift is soft, blush pink looks beautiful. The muted pink against the muted blue creates a lovely look that brings to mind peaceful, sunsets and restful evenings.

Coastal Colours

On the theme of relaxing in the great outdoors why not bring the colours of the coastline into your home to create a cool and calming nautical look. Blues, greens and whites mix really well together, evoking the serenity of the sea even if you don’t live by one.

Enjoy The Blues