Design Trends We Love

Design Trends We Love

Interior design guru Luci at Luci Living Design gives her run down on some of the fabulous mixed trends for 2016.

There are a lot of cool kitchen trends this year. Starting with ‘barely there’ kitchen styles using simple furnishings and a less uniform, practical approach to storage. In 2016 we are favouring a more casual and eclectic feel. It is about mix, mix, mix it up, using various materials such as tiles, timber, mixed metals, rugs, vintage accessories, modern appliances, feature mirrors, open shelving as well as traditional, hand painted cupboards or free standing furniture with various surface finishes. Two tone kitchen cabinets are in and look at coloured steel rather than traditional silver stainless. Try for beautiful flexible kitchen design.

Statement bathroom mirrors are big this year in more ways than one. This mirror from is stunning and fits in perfectly with the trend. Whether reclaimed centrepieces or bold and contemporary the boring bathroom mirror cabinet is not for 2016

If you are thinking of decorating and you want to be right up to date with your interior design scheme then go for sophisticated lilacs and warm purple hues and mixed these with ever popular in recent years greys

Sticking with the paler pastel tones use milky pale blues with contrasting with darker colours such as teal and inky blues for perfect walls and more this year. has some arty crewel accent cushions in just the right colours. Chalky Paint in Trousseau blue and Sunday Bustle by Valspar available at B&Q meets the criteria.

Neutrals with bright jewel tones on furniture and soft furnishings, reminiscent of those elegant 50s film sets are all the rage. Use to create bright, eye popping, bold as brass schemes. Think Moroccan style and colours with a white or light background and you are nearly there.

In terms of fabrics and wallpapers then it is all about vintage, Victorian and Liberty style patterns which were popular in the 80s. These are making a proper come back. This cute ‘mad cat woman’ ornament from in a liberty style print must have a place in everyone’s fiends list! Also popular are lush, dark moody prints such as florals on heavy velvet fabrics and statement wallpapers to create a luxurious look.

In contrast white on white for the minimalists out there is still on trend. Try mixing different materials and finishes to create a crisp clean look but with added interest.

Get your home to look good in wood this year by adding plenty of natural and warm wood colours with various textures. Use forms and shapes on items such as furniture, accessories and art. Try for some unusual wooden furniture pieces and ones which fit well with this year’s curves and soft edges tend.

Be less square in 2016 and finish with rounds, circles and curves where ever possible. Incorporate this on bolsters, cushions, light fittings, chairs and tables.

So there you have it. Some of the latest trends and recommendations for 2016. Happy decorating and designing from Luci Living Design.