Designer Denim

Designer Denim

Architect Designer Aliya from Luci Living Design tells VIVA readers all about Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2017 and how to introduce it into your home.

Denim Drift is the must-have colour of 2017. The team at Dulux have revealed that blue is the colour of the moment and they have chosen a grey-blue that goes with pretty much everything! Dulux Colour and Design Trend Expert, Rebecca Williamson says: “Dulux’s Denim Drift is a soothing and versatile grey-blue that has an air of familiarity to our wardrobe staple, coordinating well with everything.”

The blue-grey tones of Denim Drift work well when painted into a simple flat wall and left to shine.

Gently introduce the colour into your scheme with a dip-dyed fading effect. Let the darker tone float nearer the bottom of the wall and disappear as it goes up, to create the illusion of more space in the room. Soft, yet striking, the ombre effect is still as popular as ever.

If you want something more attention grabbing, combine Denim Drift with patterns in similar tones.

Denim Drift is a timeless shade so it’ll work with furniture from any era.

Denim Drift is a versatile colour, fitting into all interior styles, whether you seek a restful bedroom, soy living room or a smart hallway.

This relaxed hue subtly shifts between blue and grey depending on the light and time of day.

The two-tone is an easy-peasy way to bring depth and interest to your room. Keep the lighter shade on the top half to heighten the look of your ceiling. Take it one step further and use the same dark blue on the furniture too. It’ll avoid any visual disruptions to the effect, making spaces appear roomier.

Dado rails can be the perfect opportunity to get a little confident with colour, allowing you to experiment with darker accents and stronger shades.

Create a calm and peaceful living space by embracing one of this year’s hottest trends – tonal layering. For Denim Drift, use different hues from the same family. Don’t just stop at the walls though, make use of the ceiling and add accents across the top of your wall too.

When it comes to accessorising and furniture, introduce neutrals and natural woods, but choose accessories in the blues family to keep the restful mood.

Add subtle interest to a calming and clutter-free room with evenly-spaces striped feature wall. For maximum zen, keep the room in soft whites and greys – and finish with lots of soft textiles and fluffy blankets.

Create calmness and harmony by layering accessorising and textures in the same blues and neutral colours. Soft, fluffy cushions and throws will add some warmth and cosiness to your space.

Make a dramatic impact by incorporating Denim Drift into larger living spaces such as living and dining rooms and hallways. If you don’t want to paint every wall, cover one wall in a grey patterned wallpaper.

Denim Drift is the perfect match for subtle gold and silver accessories and shades.

Due to the stunning tones within the Dulux Colour of the Year, it can be paired with other shades of blue. Lighter blues work best, and provide contrast.

Denim Drift is a timeless shade, and works beautifully with an array of furniture. Try adding a vintage desk or dining table and chair set, and pair it with more modern seating. You can do the same with an old arm chair, and a modern up light.

Enjoy the blues