Erenjang Project – Gambia

Erenjang Project – Gambia

Luci at Luci Living Design is a proud sponsor of the Erenjang Project in The Gambia.

The Project strives to bring the best possible education and support to the children of the Erenjang Nursery throughout thier earliest and most important years.

Luci Living Design sponsors a child who cannot afford school fees and provides on going support and donations for further growth of both the children and the school.

Fundraising on behalf of the Erenjang Nursery organised by Hannah Carrington and Madelene Penfold has raised well over £10,000 in recent times and been able to renovate the school which was desperately needed.

Luci Living Design will continue to support this project over the coming years. Luci is also hoping to get out to visit the project in person.

The latest winter project, Gifts For The Gambia, is currently underway. Simply spread your love and wealth this Christmas and join the our mission to send a shoe box of much needed goods to every school child at Erenjang Nursery School in The Gambia.

Recycle your unused and useful items and pack them into an old shoebox. It’s really that simple. In just under a month it is hoped 120 shoe boxes will be ready to be shipped to The Gambia to arrive before December 25th.

For children at Erenjang, Christmas doesn’t mean presents and surprises. The smallest amount of help can make the biggest difference.

If you would like further information on supporting a child or the project on a wider scale further details can be found here ….

or at @ErenjangProject