Happy Hallway

Happy Hallway

This week at Luci Living Design we are putting together designs for a rather grand hallway scheme in a Victorian town house. Sadly poor old hallways and corridors do tend to be well down the list of decorating priorities and are usually the most overlooked area of our homes.

To make the most of this space, get inspired and create a lasting first impression follow my ‘happy hallways’ tips below and check out some of the amazing designs around. With some careful thought and planning you can give a boost to the humble hallway and casual corridor.

For narrow or small spaces, neutrals invariably work best, save the bold rich colours for the grand period property and your listed mansion. If you want to introduce colour in a design-lead way then use simple and limited blocks of it to highlight features, as shown around the corner of the shelf display in the image below. Use glossy paints that reflect light and avoid dark stains and wood if you can.

Make the most of your ceiling height, uninterrupted walls and minimal furniture and create bold displays of framed pictures or collectables by grouping them together. For contemporary eye candy add an eclectic mix of individual alphabet letters.

Stylish living and making the most of the space starts with decluttering, so neat storage ideas are critical to making it work. Consider under the stairs for built in storage or add a seat with storage underneath to the area for shoes and to accommodate general hallway hoarding.

I would generally recommend plain walls as a backdrop for ‘wow’ factor displays but if you are like bold then add some bright hallway wallpaper to one end wall, go for a striped carpet on stairs or geometric floor tiles. For the good DIYer top of my list would be stripped varnished floor boards or vinyl which is super practical and you will find the latest designs are far from dated. I love www.harveymaria.co.uk for funky flooring they even do a grass lawn design for bringing a bit of outdoors in.

To bring in more light consider getting a front door with glazing, avoid curtains and furniture near the door and find a beautiful mirror or a display of several mirrors to reflect light inwards.

Uplighter fittings will give the impression of greater height and if you have some height then feature lighting is a must, particularly from the stairwell. A stunning contemporary globe drop fitting or beautiful chandelier will go a long way in towards your transformation of the space.

Only store what you absolutely need to have to hand in a hallway. A narrow console table with drawers for keys and essentials with baskets underneath is a good choice. Pigeon holes are a great way of storing multiple items whilst maintaining some sort of order.

Happy hallways to you !