Dulux Colour Of The Year 2018 – Heart Wood

Dulux Colour Of The Year 2018 – Heart Wood

This year 2018 the colour experts from Dulux have announced Heart Wood as its colour of the year. Described as a “warm neutral with a hint of heather.” Inspired by the “beautifully warm wooden materials being used in all kinds of interior decorating and architecture” to create a welcoming environment.

Van Gent describes as a “beautiful, warm, grown-up pink.” Inspired by the warm tones of leather and wood, Heart Wood is a shade that soothes the mind and calms the senses.

Rebecca Williamson, Dulux Colour and Design Expert, describes Heart Wood as sitting “between a smoky taupe and a dusky mauve.”

Heartwood works well with soft shades of cocoa, ink blues and purple

She says: “Heart Wood is a very versatile shade that grounds all of this year’s trend palettes, working with a variety of shades across the spectrum but all with a slightly muted quality.

“To me, it really suits being combined with similar hues such as cocoa like Woven Willow and blush pinks like Blossom Tree. This comforting hue also connects beautifully with desirable blues which continue to grow in popularity to off-set its warmth, especially rich inky tones like Sapphire Salute.”

Use wooden pieces and tactile leather fabrics add to Heart Wood’s sense of harmony, says Williamson. “Like the colour itself, pick objects that are easy to live with, unfussy in style and depict that welcome feeling – simple design is key creating a well-balanced space.”

Heart Wood can be nicely balanced with softer shades such as cocoa with deeper, bolder tones of ink blue and purple.  Using softer pastels framed by graphic borders of coal and dark hue bring an effortless style to this palette.

Use earthy tones combine with clay and blush pink to encourage cocooning as the weather gets chillier. Inspiration from nature is at the heart of using Heart Wood with your colour palette. Add pops of to create focal points, add abundant foliage and greenery to bring vitality into the space.