Dressing Room Design 3D Visuals

Dressing Room Design 3D Visuals

Location: Angel Martin Interiors

Project Date: October 2016

Project: Dressing Room Design, 3D Visuals, Water Colour Sketch, CGI

The 3D visuals shown here are comprised of detailed computer-generated images (CGI) that were developed by Martin Nealon of Angel Martin Interiors with whom we regularly collaborate on both commercial projects and high-end residential homes. This magnificent extensive dressing room visual showing stunning features enables the client to be presented in the early stages with accurate floor plans, furniture layouts, various room angles and viewpoints, elevations, close up details, panoramic shots, detailed cabinet and bespoke joinery designs. It also enabled the client to be introduced to a number of colour variations in order to make key decisions, enable the design team to interpret their preferences and determine requirements for the final décor, furnishings and finishes schedule.


29th September 2018


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