Colour Inspiration Summer – Rainy Days

Colour Inspiration Summer – Rainy Days

Well it would not be a British summer if the weather was good all the time.

So take some inspiration from the rain and storms that might be spoiling your beach party this year.

This year hot colour trends for walls, fabrics and decor is moody blues and greys. Perfect for our ‘rainy days’ theme.

Navy or indigo are strong colours of the year, bold with tradition. Tried and tested nautical blues will add a taste of summer and beach house theme to any scheme when paired with the right accessories and furnishings. Sea worthy coastal blue and grey shades can be in a variety of shades. Try working some in to your interior design.

Blue and grey will complement one another in a colour scheme and they will blend in seamlessly.

Use dark greys and blues to create a moody, storm-cloud atmosphere. Use pale blues with lighter duck egg and sea green for calmer, soothing spaces.

Those deeper, rusty and purple-rich colours are perfect to mix with dark woods found in vintage or antique pieces of furniture.  It’s definitely a good time to stop hiding granny’s dark side table or bookcase – they could add character to your interiors and help create an atmosphere that is at once familiar, comfortable and stylish.

Add in some more rainstorm shades such as purple and pinks to finish the look and avoid an overly masculine scheme. Brighter colours look great with grey and blue and can be used to break up the scheme. Be bold with pink its very in this year.

Keep woodwork and ceilings white to life the scheme. Try bringing the pinks and purples in with exotic rich florals which will see you through the seasons. Soften a rainstorm look with soft shimmering fabrics silk or satin.

Weather the storm this summer and get into the rain.